I swung like Tarzan and survived!

As I’m standing on the edge of the platform preparing to jump, high up in the tree tops, my heart starts to pound a little faster and a little nervous laughter escapes me.

“I’m scared, it’s quite a way down if I’m not attached properly”

At that moment the final words from the safety instructor enter my mind…”if you get scared, just don’t look down” A pure nutcracker piece of advice we’ve been offered there, because, of course, that’s something I’m going to be able to avoid as I leap off this platform with the hope of managing to hit, and grab the netting way way in front of me.

But hey ho, no regrets, here I go….
Arrh-a-arrh-a-arrhh! I’m Tarzan swinging, not falling, flying, not falling, I’m free, whoosh, I’ve hit the netting and am now climbing and climbing up and up to the platform the other side. Yes! Result, I’ve jumped and landed.

Meandering our way through the rest of the “Go Ape” course in Thetford Forest seems just as exhausting, but yet so exhilarating. We’re crawling, we’re zip-wiring, jumping, climbing, it’s going great until we reach THE SIGN…

Right = Extreme, Left = Moderate, should we go extreme? or should we play it safe and stick with moderate?

Go extreme or go home I say!

A little voice a way behind me says “I best go home then.” But not us, my friend and I go extreme, Team Extreme all the way, because team work is what’s needed to struggle our way through these parts of the course. It begins with a set of stirrups attached to dangling ropes to traverse through the forest, and is followed by wobbling planks of wood with ropes looped around to “help” you across. It takes a serious amount of effort and determination to complete. It’s definitely a challenge, but one that we accepted all the same.

“Go Ape” taught me a few things yesterday, firstly that taking a leap of faith is always worthwhile, because without it we can’t move forward, we can’t achieve what we’ve set out to complete. We have to learn to take that deep breath and jump, so that we can see and do all that we’ve set out to do.

Be that a tree top adventure course like this in the forest, or something on a far greater scale, like starting everything afresh, a new job, a new experience, a new adventure – another stepping stone. There always comes a time when it just needs to be done, when it’s time, for me right now, it’s time to take that deep breath and get ready for the start of university in Spain.

But on a final note “Go Ape” taught me that as hard as you might try, it just isn’t possible to land from a zip-wire without falling on your arse, and getting bark in places you wouldn’t imagine possible.

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