A lazy update through photos

Waking up this morning it dawned on me again that I hadn’t written a new post in over three weeks, and I promised myself that today would finally be the day that I wrote one.

It’s now dark outside and I’ve only just started, I have 3 weeks worth of catching up to do, and so much has happened that it’s difficult to decide where to start. So I’ve decided to make this one a little different and just post a few photos. I promise that I’ll try my best to make the next one more interesting.

Vamos a la playa, I’m so lucky to live only a metro ride away from here
So beautiful, but so busy on a sunny Saturday afternoon
San Sebastian – such a beautiful city with the “best food in the world” apparently…I’ll be back
From Aste Nagusia – THE festival of Bilbao
The River running through Bilbao,so beautiful on a sunny morning and I’m lucky enough that this is the way I walk to uni.
My host university – private and catholic, not somewhere I’d ever imagined I’d end up at!
The view through the trees over San Sebastian – so amazing

Well, I guess that’s all I have for now, keeping on top of things seems so much more difficult here with registration and the lifestyle, but I’m adjusting nicely and enjoying my time here with new friends from all over the world.

I realise that this post is probably more interesting to my family and closest friends, so the next one I’ll be back to normal and actually give you a better idea of life in the Basque Country. For now I’ll leave you with a song that I can’t seem to get out of my head…

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