The best things in life come free, a week with my brother, and a sunny day in Mundaka


Last week I was lucky enough to have my big brother grant me with his presence in Bilbao. It was five days of non-stop fun, non-stop eating and non-stop laughter. It was sibling time, time to smile and time to catch up.

The Basque Country was very kind to us, it gave us warm, sunny weather to eat pintxos and drink wine outdoors, it gave us a bank holiday to explore the region together, and it gave me some days to introduce my brother to the beauty of the Basque Country.

As Thursday was el Día del País Vasco (Basque Country Bank Holiday) I didn’t have any classes so we decided to leave Bilbao behind and explore a little of the region. Our travels took us to Gernika and Mundaka. Gernika in my opinion had little to offer so I’ll pass over that one and move on to the beauty of Mundaka.

As we stepped off the train in Mundaka we were not presented with views like this but rather tatty looking buildings, but as we meandered our way through the streets of Mundaka and began to reach the sea the views became prettier. The smell of the sea air and the feel of the sea breeze in my hair brought a smile to my face and it was at that point that I decided that I really liked this place and would want to return.

The town has a special feel, almost like it’s timeless, like nothing has changed in many years, you’ll still find the small boats tied up, the smell of traditional Basque cooking wafting through the streets and the sight of Basque men and women going about their daily business.

It’s a place to sit and reflect, relax and gaze into the distance and take in all the beauty that Mundaka has to offer. Walking along the sea front there’s children fishing under the watchful eye of their parents, fisherman just outside their boats and people sitting in terraces drinking in the late afternoon sunshine.

As the sun began to set we took a stroll along the beach and took in all of the beautiful scenery of Mundaka, before returning to Bilbao for some more delicious food.

Below you’ll find some photos of Mundaka as the sun was setting…

Mundaka may have been more beautiful than I thought, and more beautiful than my guidebook suggested, but at the end of the day it wouldn’t have mattered where we’d of gone, I got to spend time with my brother, something that was long overdue, the sun and the beach were just the back drop, a hell of a good one, but still.

They say the best things in life come free, and it’s fair to say that conversations and laughter with my brother are truly priceless.

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