Graduation Invitations, just another way to scare final year students.

To start with, obviously my reason to be happy today is because I just booked my graduation tickets and will be OFFICIALLY graduating 17th July in Canterbury Cathedral, (yes I know, very fancy!) BUT, whilst this is very exciting, it’s also very daunting, for the last four years of my life I have being working towards that day, towards graduating but now it’s getting close and it’s all sort of scary.

You see when I graduate, grown up life begins, life of working all the time, living for the weekend, paying back student loans and all those boring things that the graduated do. If I could decide on my dream job and get that, or if Lonely Plant would just call me saying they were going to pay me to travel and all I had to do was write about it for them, then I could get on board with post-uni life. But unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen.

So where does that leave me?

It leaves me with a huge decision to make…what the hell am I going to do with myself now?! It leaves me with the dreaded question that every final year student gets asked, the one that if you have the answer, great for you, if you don’t however, it leaves you tearing your hair out and wanting to punch the next non-relative, non-friend to ask you in the face. If you haven’t guessed the question yet, you’re obviously much more aware of what you’re doing with your life than me.

Here it comes, the dreaded questionwhat are you going to do after university?

The answer… I’m sorry I don’t like that question, can I offer you some tea instead? Perhaps something stronger?

That’s right, nobody enjoys that question and as a language student I find even less, the look of, you’ve had 4 years to decide, how do you still not know, is far from being useful. It’s about as useful as telling me that I could be a translator or an interpretor or a teacher.  Do you seriously think that hasn’t already crossed my mind? If I wanted to do the obvious I would have decided by now. Although I do appreciate the sentiment, to be frank you’re stressing me out, please go back to your wonderful job and we’ll talk when I know what I want to do.

But before I go onto a full on rant and lose all you new followers (hello) I’m going to stop and just finish by saying, or asking rather that the next time you meet a final year student, ask them how their day was, not what they want to do after university, trust me they’ll be grateful. On the other hand, if you are from Lonely Planet and/or would like to fund my travels or you’d like to give me any kind of interesting job, please ignore what I just said and ask me anything you like. 

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