Travel Blues – 100 days of happiness

I’m happy that I’ve had so many opportunities to travel before and during university. From my point of view, university is really the best time to travel, a month holiday at Christmas, a month at Easter and 3-4 months in the Summer,  it really is the perfect time to go out there and explore.

I hear you scream and how do you pay for this? You’re a student!

Well all it takes is a little forward planning and some hard work, an understanding that a hostel dorm is the place you need to stay and that you really don’t need a new pair of jeans/dress/perfume etc. Everyone needs some luxury now and then, but at the say time everyone needs to travel, to take off and explore the great unknown.

If I hadn’t have done so when I was 18 I’d probably be working in some fancy office now earning a lot of money, but I’d just be waiting for the weekend to come, but I did travel so I’ve actually spent more time outside of my home county than in it over the last 5 years. The travel bug, as it’s called has taken me to all kinds of wonderful places, places that I’ll never forget, people I’ll always remember and food that I still dream about. It’s a wonderful life and as I’m reminiscing here are a few photos of some of my highlights.

What would your’s be?

SAM_0364 SAM_2904SAM_0200 SAM_2114Any ideas where these photos were taken?

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