Canterbury on a crisp Sunday morning

This morning I was up bright and early, not quite fresh as a daisy but awake, the sun was shining and the time had come to walk to the train station and say goodbye to my best friend,  as it was such a beautiful morning I decided to wander back through the park and take a few photos, I’ve never seen that side of Canterbury so early and especially on such a sunny morning. It was like seeing Canterbury through a new set of eyes, I had the time to stroll, stop to smell the flowers and stare at the Cathedral gates without the constant noise from the hundreds of tourists that visit Canterbury every day. For once I had the city to myself, so it’s day 19 of 100 days of happiness and today I’m happy for the peace and tranquillity that can be found on a sunny Sunday morning.  

wpid-20140323_075311.jpg wpid-20140323_075126.jpg wpid-20140323_075107.jpg wpid-20140323_075253.jpg


wpid-20140323_074913.jpg wpid-20140323_075629.jpgOn the left is Dane John Gardens looking rather pretty in the sun with the Cathedral just in the background, and on the right is the centre of Canterbury with a couple of the old buildings which shows the style of the whole of centre of the city.

I hope you found some sunshine today.








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