Filling the Spanish and Basque food void – 100 days of happiness


I’m a quarter of a way into 100 days of happiness and today, it’s food again. This week has become a kind of feast and I finally got some Spanish food again, okay so it wasn’t that authentic and it definitely wasn’t Pintxos but it filled the void and the hole in my life that has been missing since I moved out of my flat in Bilbao some 9 months ago.

Oh how time flies, it feels just like yesterday that I was sitting at a bar eating some pintxos and sipping on some vino blanco, but pass time does and now I’m nearing the end of my degree and facing life post-uni.

Tapas today served by a lady from Barcelona took me right back to my year abroad and left me longing to stuff my face with Basque Pintxos, not tapas, not Spanish pinchos, but BASQUE PINTXOS!  Hopefully, all being well I’ll get some real pintxos in my life soon and a giant palmera de chocolate hmmm I’m getting hungry again.

What food do you miss?

wpid-20140329_143642.jpg wpid-20140329_144620.jpg

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