Flowers and my Mum really do brighten up the day – 100 days of happiness

Today marks the official start of British Summer Time, the start of lighter evenings, dreams of summer and the hope for a family BBQ that doesn’t include thick jumpers and raincoats. It’s the time of year where all the daffodils, the forget-me-nots, the pansies and the primroses are everywhere, the sweet fragrance of Spring is in the air and everyone has that air about them with the not so secret knowledge that summer is just around the corner.

Flowers and gardening is something that I learnt from my Mum, I don’t really help out in the garden any more, but I can tell you the names and know when things come into bloom, so being as today is Mother’s Day in the UK I thought it’d be fitting that my reason for being happy is that I have the most amazing Mum ever, one that has a beautiful garden (see photos below) with lovely Spring flowers all in full bloom. So here’s to you Mum, you’re the best, don’t know what I’d do without you!

 wpid-20140330_112116.jpg wpid-20140330_112145.jpg wpid-20140330_112130.jpg wpid-20140330_112427.jpg wpid-20140330_112202.jpg wpid-20140330_112456.jpg




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