Another Stepping Stone is back, what’s new?

Back and ready to roll!

It’s been a long time since I sat down to write anything apart from essays and revision notes, but today marks a new month and three days since I finished university. I started this space about two years ago now because I wanted somewhere to share my experiences as a language student abroad and all the wonderful places that I’ve been lucky enough to visit and explore.

But it turned out to be more than that, it turned out to be the place where I found new places that I wanted to visit, delicious recipes to try and a wealth of information on anything you can think of. It means that I can look back over the last two years and remember all those wonderful places I went to and with who and what I thought about it at the time. Obviously, those memories are ones that won’t leave me, but sometimes it’s nice to look back and smile about how lucky I’ve been throughout my degree.

I toyed with many ideas after my year abroad and tried out various things: Flashback Friday, Recipes, Travelling at home and then 100 days of Happiness. It was this last one that I enjoyed doing, partly because it was a post a day, partly because this challenge forces you to find something positive everyday even when you’re feeling blue. I had to stop because final exams and essays took over and Another Stepping Stone took a step back, but now that’s done I’m hoping to continue from where I left to see what happens, but this time do it a little differently. Instead of focusing solely on what made me happy that day I want to included it in to posts as something additional when possible so that I can write about what the space is for and what I enjoy writing about the most, if you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s travel.

So from now on Another Stepping Stone will be jumping on the ‘post a day’ bandwagon bringing to you stories of past, present and future travels, stories of post uni life, recipes and of course 100 days of happiness. So here goes to the start of the Summer and the start of something new. Another Stepping Stone is officially back and more positive about this space than ever.

Check out my new layout and the ‘Where I’ve been’ page and in case it’s not clear the three bars at the top right hand corner will let you explore old posts, tags, facebook, twitter and the all important follow button. Thanks for reading and I leave you with a few photos just to brighten up your day if it’s not nice and sunny where you are today.





dover sunset peaks


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