Guilt free, life after uni

Day 34 – “Because I can do what I want”

For the last few days I’ve had a strange feeling that I’m missing something, that I’ve forgotten to do something, that feeling that something isn’t quite right. Then it hit me, it’s calmness, it’s not being stressed and it’s a sense of freedom from the ties that university creates.

After four years, my mind doesn’t know what to do with all the spaces it’s been given, no more thinking about essays and exams, no more worrying about studies overall and most importantly no more feeling of guilt. When I talk about guilt, I mean the guilt that a student feels when they know that they should be studying, but what they’re actually doing is far from it. So as a celebration to the end of university, here’s a short list from me to you of things you can now do without that pain of guilt glaring at you…

1. Read a book

The important part of this is that you can read ANY book that tickles your fancy, it does not have to be course related or off the reading list. My excitement level rocketed when I picked up a book today and it had nothing to do with grammar and even more so that it’s a book that has been beckoning me for how ever many months saying “read me!” My pick is Knots & Crosses by Ian Rankin, I love a bit of crime!  (Check out my book list and give me your guilt free book!)

2. Don’t set an alarm

This really is the best feeling, not having to be up or down or all around, it’s not a matter of I’ll let it snooze once, it’s a, I didn’t even set an alarm! It’s surprising how much happiness can come from not having to get up early to write essays and revise.

3. Watch films and catch up on series…





4. Put those dreams into actions

Remember those times where you day dreamed that after university you were going to x y z? Well now is the time to do so. My dream for a good 3 years now has been to travel through South America and I’ve finally got the time to start making it reality. This will be one of my stops…Torres del Paine, Chile

 5. Anything you want

Seriously without university telling you what you have to do or what you should be doing, the world, they say, is your oyster so get out there.

Now is the time to do what you want, see what you want. It’s the time to take risks, make mistakes and have fun because…

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do by the ones that you did do

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